What Lies Ahead?


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I've been working on this one for quite some time now. It is one of those types of paintings for which I will be unhappy to call an end. merely because I have enjoyed working on it. I got the main, forested scene off of the "Paint My Photo" site, and I dropped in the little kids walking, because if felt the scene needed a center of interest in the form of some human presence.

"What Lies Ahead?"....16" x 20"....Oil on RayMar Canvas Panel
I believe I may have added a few, small, touch-ups, in including my signature, after I took this photo, but basically it is fairly well represented here. Oh, and yes, .....the dark patch at the top, center is a shadow from the top clamp of my easel, and is not part of the painting.
I adore this one Bill! Just brilliant as far as color, composition and interest. ❤️