What did cardboard do to deserve this


2 eyes.



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Thank you Arty. I'm pleased you like that one, because I do too, but I thought I might be, you know, with the birds. Now I know I'm with them. 😄 And rather fine ones they are at that. Now I am happy.

Open question. If you could be a bird, what bird would you be?
Thank you sno. That's them both taken. What more could I ask for?

Yes, swallows are great. They are exhilarating to watch. They kind of take you with them. And they look to be enjoying themselves with all those fancy loops. Great nests too.
When you become a swallow, you may use my review. Do swallows have their own websites?
Naughty cardboard you sure gave it a talking to haha. The top reminds me of berries, berries in our local park to be specific, there are of course blackberries and then comes snowberries (no relation to Sno) so you have encapsulated 2 seasons there :)
The second makes me think of prison - could also be cos I've just been reading about prison artists.
Goldfinch would be my bird
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I like both, but I find the second super super and it makes me think of Jack Skeleton
Omg he scares the whatsit out of me even with the shades on, or maybe they make it worse. I should think he'll make a pretty good living, after all he had quite a sort of fanbase I think.Funny, I was just reading about art competitions in some prisons. They are judged by established artists who are not given any personal details, not even the name of the competitor.They can be sold and some of the profits go to a victims group.