Venice (old watercolour)


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This is the grand canal, Venice. I was looking through old watercolours to give me some inspiration so thought I'd post this.
Wow! This is an excellent work Maybe... Your handling of the media is indeed masterful. :)
One of your best, glad you posted it. Don't be afraid to post some more of your works. :giggle: ;)
Thank you, Margaret.

Thank you Moscatel. I wasn't painting in Venice or anywhere else I've travelled. I always took lots of photos though.
You know, in many cities throughout the world, I have seen artists sitting at their easels and in my mind I move my hand in unison with their brushstrokes. I've envied artists that could just sit and paint wherever they may be. I could say I never had the time. However, I always made time for other things and there are so many beautiful places I would have longed to paint whilst i were there.
I think in some small way I'm too self conscious to paint in a town or city with lots of people and I do envy those that have no qualms in doing so.
I like it very much. It´s the medium I feel most attracted to lately; ink and wash.
I understand your hesitation about painting plein air, I´d be way to self conscious for working in front of onlookers (also I find I need a couple of versions to get things more or less right, could use more routine...). I dream a bit of putting together a kit to paint outside, but when I do, I will make sure it will be on very lonely locations...
I too would be self conscious about painting in front of the public. However, I tried it once when I was a teenager on the Venice boardwalk in CA. I felt humiliated pretty much. I was doing small watercolor cartoons and made sure I brought with me a lot that were already finished. People didn't buy them either. Not then. Eventually I sold them to people I knew. When I was out there, I remember thinking I would never do that again! Ha.

As for plein air, I've only done sketching out in the desert where no one is around.
I've seen great desert scene's made by you. Very interesting landscapes.
I can't complain about lack of beautiful remote locations either here in the sparsely populated north east part of Iceland.
At the moment my only excuse not to go out and sketch is the rather brutal weather this time of the year.
But one can "cheat"; take a photograph and work it out at the cosy drawing board at home....
Thank you, Arty, EJH, P. Barry and all the people that added little love art eyes. I very much appreciate your time.
Now if someone can teach me the steps to the new dance craze 'Jerusalema' I'll be in la la land. 😊
I really like this painting!

You said it's old... how old approximately? I'd love to see something recent of yours (maybe I'm not very good at searching but I couldn't find any).
Thank you tinkertrain. The fact is I haven't painted anything for quite a while, although I do have the intention of creating a small oil painting. I normally paint with oils and I've only ever painted a handful or watercolours.