Urfa Man!



Urfa Man was found during construction work in the area of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic site at Urfa-Yeni Mahalle / Yeni Yol, broken in four nearly equal pieces. The settlement was largely destroyed, but photos showing the construction work seem to reveal an interesting detail about the site: it featured a small T-shaped pillar.

The early Neolithic Urfa man is the oldest known statue of a man, slightly larger than life-size! In contrast to the cubic and faceless T-shaped pillars, the ‘Urfa man’ has a face, eyes originally emphasized by segments of black obsidian sunk into deep holes, and ears, a mouth, which is not really depicted. The statue seems to be naked with the exception of a V-shaped necklace. Legs are not depicted either. Below the body is only a conical plug, which allows the statue to be set into the ground, and both hands seem to grab his penis.

He is dated 9000 BC! Wow.