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They accuse me of having the patience of Job! You've definitely got it! I'd call this Spool Factory. :giggle: Pick out the "sweet spot" and put in a bright red one. :giggle:
Absolutely LOVE! ❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, you have a lot of patience. I love repetitive things like this. We have a few things in common like I've said before, but you have more patience for this kind of thing than I do I think.
You know I've been sat looking for a bit and its the spaces in between that really hold my attention.I love all the marks there. How big is it?
Thanks sno. Spool Factory is cool. I kind of saw them as living machines, with eyes that act as speakers. Maladjusted miscreants. Adding colour would be a good idea. You know I like a dash of erroneous.

Thank you Arty, Not sure about that, but you have a superior work ethic. This beats trading insults :D I think our views on art correspond. I let you articulate and I take some of the credit. ha. Your art is so much more evolved, that doesn't come overnight.

Thank you laf. I am pleased you like. And I am glad the spaces in between hold your attention. As you know, that's where the work was. ha.

I think it is A3. So that would be 11.7 x 16.5 approx. (297 x 420 cms)

My Spell Corrector is trying to land me in trouble. I looked back and it had changed sno to no: Thanks no. And it wanted laf to be lad. Thanks lad. It left "Artyczar|" alone. It knows better. Thank you guys.
Funny I used to be Lad then I tied the first knot and became Law and now I''m laf🙂
But I was always laf for art purposes, so its as if my name caught up with my initials haha
No, my initials - when I started painting I didn't want to sign as lad or law which is what I was for a long time, so I decided that as I was always laughing I would sign as laf and now my surname actually fits haha
No, I think the problem has been that I have been painting as if I were working on a smallish canvas, my strokes haven't been as free as they should have. I've decided to keep the base and rework the large areas and hopefully that should do it, fingers crossed