Two skies....


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One just finished and one from a little while ago. I find colourful skies so much harder to paint, and even harder to photograph to get the colours accurate! Both oil on canvas Thanks for looking and any c and c!
Both are lovely Bizzi! I have a beautiful photo from a friend of clouds I am wanting to paint but want some sort of land to go under it. You've done such a beautiful job that it is very inspiring. (y)
Moscatel you are very kind. Thank you.
Aah thank you, Arty. Your comments are much appreciated.
Thank you, Wayne. That was the latest one!, thank you very much!
I love your clouds, sno.Yes, do more! Thank you kindly.
Like I said, I do have a delicious photo from a friend that I want to paint so I just need to find something to go with it that won't compete with the clouds. 😊 You just keep painting your beautiful skies and mine will turn up eventually.
Patrick thank you - much appreciated!
Thank you Maybeanartist - I am pleased it reminds you of places you live.(y)
Bongo, well you have good taste so that is great!:)
Sno, you are so kind! I know what you mean about the rest of the painting - it can't compete too much, but it needs to be there - I find that difficult too.
Desforges, I am so pleased you like them - I do find them hard to do and I never feel satisfied with the finished result.
they are very beautiful views, beautiful works, seeing the sky, the clouds, it was something that I liked a lot, these works remind me of that.
Both are incredible. The fascination of clouds are often overlooked :oops:, then suddenly they will appear miraculous. Well, that has been my experience. I once saw clouds that were the idealised clouds of a Hindu religious painting. I could not take my eyes from them. I am not sure if they were truely so, or if my constitution had somehow coloured them...? Anyhow, wonderful paintings, Bizz!
Iain, you are so kind. Thank you. Yes clouds fascinate, and allow our imaginations to run wild, but for me a bugger to paint!:D