Two quick oil's



These two oil paint's are kind of study after Vernon kerr.

40X50cm oil on canvas.

40X50 oil on canvas.

Thank you.
I love the colours in both. The waves are tremendous and really well done.
Thank you. I'm appreciting your comments.

Quick for me is one sitting with no time for hesitaing brush strokes, at the end i still have colors on the pallete.
basically if i dont consider it kind of finnished in the next two or three hours when im start painting, i won't finnish it in the next two or three years.

These are practice study for me.
Lovely, both of them! I like your choices on these very different palettes. Great sense of motion in each one.
The movement in the water is outstanding, and the light. Gosh, if these are practice I can't wait to see a finalized painting!