Two new watercolor /gouache

P. Barrie

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Both 8”x10”, on WC paper, from photo refs. The bridge scene got a little illustrative, not intended, but ok by me.


These are wonderful! I don't think the bridge is too illustrative. The left side is less defined and bends into the shadows, as it should. The right side isn't too defined at all and goes with the rest of the trees, etc. I think it's perfect. The boat at the doc is lovely and I love the little white dabs in the water so much. These are beautiful and very well done. ❤️
Both are wonderful, I love the first, lights, darks, movement, the mood: patiently waiting the kid with the pole and can of worms.
Both of these are very well done. The colors are vibrant and the rendering excellent. (y) ❤️