Two more ink and charcoal

P. Barrie

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Black marker and charcoal on drawing paper

Ink pen and charcoal on drawing paper
The ink and charcoal make a wonderful combination. Both of these are beautiful.
Both of these are nice, but I am really fond of the second one. Just beautifully composed. And I love the tree!

Great work!
The water reflection is amazing. The second is a very real farm scene, I like them both.
The marker and charcoal look great together. Two beautiful scenes: I especially like the first one because I love those reflections and the tree to the left of the bridge :)
I am very thankful for everyone’s interest and responses, much appreciated.
The Japanese knotweed is drying and getting hard at my area. A friend has some at the edge of his yard and i plan to cut some for making ink pens.
Oh these are nice. Love the reflection in the first and the twisty tree against pale sky in the second.
I love the look of the ink and charcoal in both of these. The tones work so well in the first piece, and you've done a beautiful job with the water and reflections. Really enjoying the slightly more stylised treatment of the trees in the second work, and all the wonderful light and detail on the gnarly foreground tree.
Thank you all! I pretty much draw in color these days. I should draw more again like this. Maybe a return to the graphic approach will embolden my application of paint.