Tree In The Woods ..



Image is a little blurred but basically that's it 'cept the blacks are darkish red browns .. camera
11 x 14 oil on panel Alla Prima

Thank you Arty .. it was an older paining and I painted over it to see if I could get a new piece from it using the same composition.
Beatin' on my six string and studying the pic I found a fair number of abstractions because of the blur. I thought I saw a paining in there. I find it fun to study a painting while playing because my attention on one side is on auto pilot and then the other side can work the pic without my thinking. I see better that way.
Great ambiance, feels like being on a really enjoyable hike in the afternoon.
I know what you mean Enyaw. I find that looking takes up just as much time as doing sometimes.
Thank you Trier and Patrick.

Yes Arty and when we paint we see what we want to do in the moment but that moment becomes individualized.
After thoughts seem more reflective on the whole.
I really like that Wayne, the little pop of light in the bottom left balances the blue in the upper right. Just right. :)