Train Ride To London


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Did another one last night. I have a lot of photos and misc collected images on the laptop which haven't been getting used for anything, what's the point of having them if they just sit in a directory forever? This one was a throwaway snap I took so I could send it to my mother as a visual complaint about the weather. Last night I found it again and thought oh this could work as a composition.


Media - Alcohol markers, some fineliner, some of that trusty white gel pen again. 2.5"/3.5" on card backed marker paper
That's lovely. I found out in nature I turn full circle snapping all the while and I get some real interesting compositions from the unexpected.
I love this, it's excellent. It's so well painted (I agree, the rain on the window is great) and it captures something we can all identify with.
Thanks guys! Yes the streaking rain is what I wanted to get. Very fiddly, got the shadows on the side of the streaks by putting a TINY bit of fineliner then spreading it along with a very pale marker.
What a great idea. Using your collected images for inspiration. So realistic one can almost feel the wetness of the rain.
Great job! I love your handling of the rain across the reflection of the train. This does not seem easy! Wonderful work!!
A gem of a card. You made an everyday scene interesting and sing. I particularly respect artists that can do that.