Total Abandonment ...........



11 x 14 Alla Prima Oil on Panel .. I think the site amplifies the blue. I turn the hue down but it seems to come back up.
No, that brilliant yellow amplifies the blue.:cool: Fabulous combination and I'm not even going to try to decide what it looks like. ;)
thank you Sno
.. no need for them to be anything ... it's where they take you that gives them the name .. once of age we all name our things ...
I like this one too, but it doesn't come up to the first one. 🙂🤷‍♀️
thank you ... agree .. I lost the bottom viewer left corner and too lazy to adjust it .. ran out of paint :cautious: ..long as I know where I went wrong that's all that counts ...

I like the honesty in the reply .. I knew it was off :)
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Wayne, you manage to make powerful statements by means of sharp contrasts, strong compositions and solid knife work!!