To the Ocean


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This is a sort of neo-impressionist style that I'm trying to develop more. C&C most welcome. Thanks.
To the ocean.jpg
Oh, I like that. Love the color combinations, the straight-forward-ness of it. I am slightly distracted by solid diagonal line of brown and the ones on the left that form an "arrow head". Imo, it would help to break those up with a bit of the blue.

I've been working on a few in a similar vein, I'm glad to see yours is so successful.
Susan, I already mentioned the name Seurat in response to an earlier thread of yours. Seurat of the early 21st century with a more limited palette. You’re onto something cool!!
NTL - I hadn't noticed the 'arrow' effect - thanks for your perceptive observation: I do see what you mean.
Nufocus - Thank you. A long way to go to Seurat, but I do really appreciate the encouraging words!

Thanks so very much, one and all.
Beautiful Susan !
A very appealing style, and I am excited to see where you will take it.