Thornton Creek


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Most of Thornton Creek now runs thru pipes under a shopping center, a lite rail station, and an ice hockey stadium. This is one of the few spots it's still above ground cutting thru the condo development I painted (attempted) the other day.
Thorton CreekA150459.jpg

On youtube a lot of PA painters seem to set-up far back from the scene they're painting. I'm finding that to get what you want in a scene, it's often the case you need to get back a good deal. I got as far back as I could, which wasn't really far enough.

I now prefer to paint on a toned canvas and sketch with a polychromos pencil. They're oil-based so you can paint right over them without smearing.
The block in -

block in130932.jpg

The sun rides close to the horizon this time of year and if it gets in front of you - you're toast - so even though I had lots left to do, I had to pack it in.

this is it in the shade -

Looks different in the shade than when the sun is blasting you in the fast. Too low contrast over all and a lot left to do.
I'll have to finish it at home.
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I like seeing your wip. You have a beautiful scene going. Look forward to the finish.
I enjoyed the progress photos! It's an interesting scene, I like the diagonal railing at the front, and all the textutes in the foliage. I hope you show us the finished piece :)
Thanks for sharing your progress photos and the photo of the scene. You have such a nice start and I look forward to seeing the finish. There is such a great variety of textures in the foliage and autumn color too.
Bongo, thanks for the progress photos and the scene which looks tempting to paint: no wonder you chose this scene to paint. The block-in looks good and what I find especially good is your final painting photo on location, also because in my opinion it´s loose and soft enough and could be easy to finish at home. I like the greys, too.
Thank you I appreciate the feedback.

I never seem to have enough time to complete a painting in the field. It varies with the scene, but it can take me 3 - 3.5 hours to paint an 18"x14". Plus travel, scout a location, set-up and pack up - so that can add another 1 - 1.5 hours or more. So I try to travel during off-hours, keep my kit as tight as possible, and pre-scout the location the day before.

But I have to get my painting time closer to 2 hours. I could go back another day to finish. But I only have so much time and days when the weather(not raining) will allow. - and I want to get in as many different settings as I can.