They Left Things We Did Not Understand



this is 11 x 14 oil on paper Knvies .. Alla Prima ..
A friend from the US of A sent me a picture that was up in the back of his property. So below is the picture and the picture above is how I translated it. This is what came from my imagination as I pondered the tree. He called it wild woman. While I painted this I was thinking of things left behind by generations past and how man attributes them to UFOs because they don't understand how it was done and so the tree became a giant statue left in the forest.


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That's amazing Wayne. She looks like she is looking toward the building in the distance, maybe calling for help, maybe calling out a warning........ ❤️❤️❤️
I love this, it's very thought-provoking. I see a figure looking towards the building too. Thanks for posting your inspiration too (y)
thank you Kay .. you came in the back door while I was typing .. glad you like it and it makes you think.
Yes, very compelling work, IMO. It gives one a lot to think about, which I love, as it's not just a natural painting, it's a thinking artwork too. Wonderful! ♥️
Interesting and well done! An excellent take on the photo.
There is a tree somewhat like that near me that we call The Testifier (AKA The Revelator), as it looks to be delivering a fiery sermon. You've made me realize that I don't even have a photo of The Revelator!
thank you Anne and Nofocus and Lamar .. get it done .. it could get visited by the ax man.
This is the coolest, Wayne! Of course that's a woman stretching toward the heavens and you made her look like she belongs there. No to the ax man!
(P.S. I have a question for you about your cold wax in my varnish thread if you wouldn't mind.)
.. get it done .. it could get visited by the ax man.
Inspired by your painting, I'm gonna get a pic of John the Revelator (as i think of him) ASAP! And I will give you proper credit for inspiration if I decide to paint him :)
Thank you Iain. He has some real nice texture and reflected color in his work.

Lamar. The credit is yours for seeing. Do a good job with your imagination.
Really interesting interpretation of the photo - I love the way your imagination works! I also love the light in the painting, particularly that slab on the base of the statue - really effective knife work.
Wayne, this is such a well composed piece.... glad you posted the reference and your interpretation is just fabulous. I too really like the light effect and as always your knife work keeps it loose and painterly. Just super!