There's nobody home (or is there?)


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Another charcoal with a little pen and ink.
6"x9" on watercolor paper.

This has such a compelling look about it. A little lonely, but so lovely. Excellent sky.

Terrific sketch!
Wonderful! Love the moody sky and the lonely building, and those sharp grass marks add brilliantly to the haunted feel of this. I'm really enjoying your charcoal work, Perry.
A dark theme, the old house alone on the hill, perhaps abandoned since long, with any garden around, just some little wild vegetation. The dark atmosphere is completed by the cloudy sky. Nicely done.

I would also think about that same subject by black Indian ink and pens, in the manner of some dark comics.
Good drawing and charcoal work. I always associate this kind of view to Ireland and the open fields there. Night is falling in this piece?