The White Canvas Paranoia


AA Jan 1723.jpg

11 x 14 inches ..oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 22/23
I painted a few different versions of this.
Based loolesly on a photo of my granddaughter in my studio about 20 years ago.
Oh noes! The dreaded white canvas - how to fill it?? ;)

This is wonderfully done. Body posture, the blank white canvas and tilted head all contribute to the story here. Great work!
Love it. There is nothing so daunting as a white canvas. That is why most like to tone or undercoat. Good story and well done. ♥️
yes, wonderful. and beautiful story
snoball, I had never thought about this fact of the white canvas, it's brilliant, actually the canvas would no longer be white, so no more fear, and then in coloring or shading you already have some of the values to guide you.
in the last few days I have tried to draw using a colored sheet but without thinking much about why before reading your lines.
Thank you Joe. Yes different colours for different subjects. I don't use panels anymore but I like muted purple for snow and muted reds for summer.