The Vase


11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima

Amazing! I love this! Love the posies, the complementary colors, the whole darn thing! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
11 x 14 Alla Prima .. had this one really going well but my wife and I have company for a week and unfortunately I go pressed into life just as I was rounding the turn. I lost the abstraction I had been working on due to having to close the action prematurely. Oh well; maybe next time. Shame it was coming along so nicely. Still works but would have been better.

The top one is stellar! Really incredible Wayne. The second one is also very good, but I understand why you don't feel as great about it. I think it can be saved though. But I seem to remember reading that you don't rework your old pieces. You just move on. That is something I wish I could do more of. Maybe if I worked on paper, I could to it. I'm not sure.
Thanks Arty. After tossing thousands in the garbage I am cured of thinking and can realistically look at a study. Sometimes you see an area that would kick start it and ofttimes it just looks ok. Those die.

I don't make paintings I make studies. When I get a good one I take the lesson and store it in my brain and I keep the study as a template or starting point if I were to make a painting. If the funds should fall into my hands someday, I will be ready to be a good artist. If not I will go quietly and my paper studies will eventually be filed under G. Paper is the only way to go with studies. I will say it is nice stuff to paint on and it tears up so easily. I may try this one again. Not sure yet. The mood has to arrive.
The second one is very good, just not as electric as the first one. Like them both, love the first one. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Desforges. No. The paper is ready for paint. Canson XL acrylic and oil pads. I find it wrinkles with acrylics but with oil it works perfectly. No bleed and retains it's flatness. $1.20 per sheet based on 20 sheets per pad. I f you wanted to you could let it dry and then use the other side for independent studies. If you use tape on it you have to be careful not to pull the coating off.


Thank you moscatle and Margaret
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I love those tablets and I think you’re the first other artist I've seen who likes them.
My local walmart sells them at 9x12 and 11x14 and they come out to $0.50 and $0.75 a sheet. I tend to cut them into quarters for smaller paintings.

The painting both look good and I like the way you did the glass in the bottom one.
Nice colorful works on both. IMHO, I love the strokes on petals in the first one.