The unintentionally distorted image


2 eyes.
Get it out then (or them) and show everyone, which is a very rude way to begin a thread.
Here are those of mine I think interesting.

The beast emerges..jpg

The No.18.jpg

The Camera Mirroring the Taker.
The camera mirrors the taker.jpg

Hitting a four..jpg
Thanks. But these were unintentional, if anything, created through a lack of knowledge, and not ability. I find learning about technical matters tedious. That's why the images of my art are generally pretty bad, despite my efforts. Yours are great!

Bizzi, She's a pussycat really. ha! Actually, the image is pretty close to how I imagine Francis Bacon would have portrayed my cat, no?

Thank you, sno. Key is fun.

Speaking of witch: Black Cat.

Black cat..jpg
Was the cat staring at the weird white cat in your garden when you snapped the first pic of her haha. Even in the last pic she looks ready to cause trouble🙂
The 44444 pic is really good, was it windy when you took it?
No, she was looking at me and yawning! I know, it is hard to believe.
The 4 pic, that was taken while crossing the Vasco da Gama bridge in Portugal, no wind, unlike here. That's my favourite too. Thanks laf.
I shot this Blue tit using a telescopic sight, blew it clean out of existence, so I did.

Chocks away!.jpg