The Shortcut By The White Fence.


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From a while ago, when I was first trying pastel sticks. Based on a PA pencil sketch made from my car while in the Doctor's office parking lot, waiting.

The subject matter reminded me of the many shortcuts we took as kids and were probably trespassing.

10x13 ins pastel/cardboard


I am going to post this in the Landscapes Forum also, now that that procedure has been approved.

C&C of course
Yes, it's great! I wouldn't think I'd like such a dark piece, but I really do. Love how the fence lights up and the light on the house catches it too. It's got a lot of dynamics in the palette in the dark of night. Very good piece! ❤️
Sno,Arty, joe1lt - Thank you all. I didn't intend it to be dark and mysterious but it certainly has that aspect.
I intended it as a celebration of the purity and glory of sunlight shining on a most humble and unattractive house which was hidden under dark and dank foliage, and yet both being parts of the greater whole.
I keep it where I can see it.