The Meadow



Oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. 11 x 14 inches .. just playin' with light . Did two yesterday ..
The light in this is great. Your color palette is very pleasing. I especially like the way you have rendered the rock formation.
Absolutely beautiful! The eye is led right into the painting toward the lovely patch of light. The foreground rocks are awesome.
Oh this is wonderful! I love how the light moves through and touches those subtle colors!
Thank you all very much .. it's a real inspiration when I get on right. Now, if only I could remember more easily .. I've got to dig this pallet out again. My biggest problem is I'm a one hitter. I can't seem to get the same mix twice as I use so many different grays.
You nailed the light beautifully Wayne. Just to irk you, I will mention that the meadow looks like a frozen, ice caked river to me.
Very appealing painting, I like it..
Works wonderfully for the palette combination here and your painterly approach really works. Did someone say light nailed it.
John :)
Thank you Sanlynn

Thanks Trier .. you are the viewer. I lead viewers but I can't make them see if what they see works for them, all the better.

Thanks John. Sometimes I get lucky. I forget I can't paint and end up painting something good. 😂