The Long Waltz


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Getting pretty close to 'done' on this .

18x24 acrylic,collage,pastel on paper

a little brighter IRL

C&C more than welcome
Arty, Dave, sno and joe, I really appreciate your comments as this one has been a real struggle in more ways than one.
The placement of the collage figure is inspired. The way the yellow and orange cut through remind me of lava flows. And their luminosity places them on another planet, at least from these eyes. A very interesting addition to your oeuvre.
Thanks Iain, you too have picked up on the surreal "other planet" aspect that I am struggling to present in a balanced way, and your comment makes me feel as if I have at least partially succeeded.
If we have any Aussie viewers, they might see an other worldly Coolabahs tree by a billabong.