The Landscape


This was one of the first abstract desert landscapes I did. Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 inches.

Thank you Sno. For whatever reason, this one took forever. I guess it was a pivotal piece.
;) Your drawing style is cohesive with today's but your color took a hugh uplift in spirit on your current works. Still nice but not as connected or upbeat.
It is super. It is like a combination of collage, quilting and tapestry, with wonderful colours!
Thank you for the feedback. It's much appreciated and helpful! :)

I sold this piece a few years ago to someone in NY. I was surprised.
should not be surprised as it is still you, just not your higher self on a scale of then and now
Thanks for your opinion Wayne. I just meant I was surprised at the type/location of the collector at the time. I don't think I agree I have a higher self between then and now.
.. let's see. What I meant was a higher space since then .. artistic growth in color awareness ..... and not your higher self .. few ever reach that space ... we would be blessed to meet one ..