The Heath Oils Version


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Initial painting

Earlier in the year I posted an oil pastel sketch of this scene. This is the oils version. I started by doing an impasto oil 90% knife, then got covid, so it was ages before I could get back to finish it off, 90% glazes with some impasto fill in.

C&C Appreciated. Thanks for looking. Arnie

Oil on Canvas 20 x 30 inches
I really love both versions. The same spot at different times of the season - I think they're both beauties! ❤️
Really nice, Arnie. Glad you're feeling better and back to painting. Wonderful coloring and hues!
Both versions are stunning, Arnie! I want to walk through the gap in the trees into the distance. I’m glad you’re rid of the virus.
Oh my gosh, WOW!!! This is simply amazing. I love both, but want to say how much I'm taken with how you handle the foliage and all the textures. It's sooo good, I can hardly contain myself. WOW!!!! ❤️ :love:
Thank you CaliAnn, Kay, NTL, Jo, Donna, and Ayin for your fine comments which are much appreciated.Arnie