The Good Life


Mixed media: oil, paper and fabric on panel, 24 x 30 inches.

I should mention this one sold to a lawyer in NYC. I feel so weird saying that! I don't know why. I never tell people when things have sold. I do mark things sold on my website, but I never mention it, even to my closest artist friends. I guess I feel like I'd be bragging, or I don't want others to feel bad because I know art can be very difficult to sell for many artists. It's a hard road, this life. I consider myself very lucky when I sell. I don't make it with that in mind (I really think that's obvious--or maybe it's not), but I make it because I want to and I know it's not for everyone. So, it's really a surprise every time I sell it. But since people are mentioning it, I'm going to try to too. Why not?
I don't think it is bragging Arty, I just like folks to be happy for me, like I am for them when they sell something. I know how stoked they feel when they make a sale. :) I like when I get paid for a commission but it feels better for someone to like something that I have just painted and feel like they want to pay money for it. :)
I agree about the noncommission thing too. And I am very happy when others sell their work. I feel a comradery with other artists but I feel like they might not feel the same for me. It's really competitive in Los Angeles and I've heard other artists talk shit about their peers. I figure if they're doing that with me, then they would also do the same to me.

Coming from a musician's background, I was a bit mortified when I experienced this sort of thing happening because musicians work together as a team. Even bands want other bands to succeed. Band rivalry (between bands, not in the same band) are usually in playful spirit. If one band does well and you're friends, it is good for your band too--all around.

But art is a sole endeavor and it's not a team game. Maybe that's why it's weird. I don't believe in competition because no one's art is like anyone else's and you can't control what buyers want or like. Competing would be a waste of energy IMO.

Plus, I may have trust issues. LOL! I may not trust most people to feel happy for me, and it's a long, sad story as to why that is.
That's just your insecurities shining through Arty. If you feel like someone doesn't feel the same for you then you really need to tell them when you sell something. It will be like saying "See there, I'm not so bad after all". :giggle:
I don't believe in competition because no one's art is like anyone else's and you can't control what buyers want or like. Competing would be a waste of energy IMO.
I've always said, and believed, that no one's art is better than anyone else's, only different. It just depends on what different folks see and like, otherwise, why is my art piled up here at home while Pollock sells? 😂
I always have liked your work. Same with this piece. Congrats on the sale. Always exciting! Enjoy it. Share it with us.
Now there would be a fun and creative thread idea...Have a piece that a group decideS to work on TOGETHER. EACH takes a turn. I have heard of authors doing that. And if you are not comfortable with being maybe the first or last to work on the piece, (your stuff gets some change or you make the change to someone else’s), then each person starts one in the group and then passes it to the next, and so on. When it gets back to you it’s done. So everyone has to work on a certain stage at some point. I would suggest keeping aspects of the other artists’work on the piece. So you could paint it part if it..and people add to it in turn. That would be cool.
I've done this before with a group of artists, but someone always seems to drop the ball at some point.
Thank you Bongo. I really love doing these too. I originally brought all my oil paints back into my studio to do more of these. Thank for the tip. Makes me feel better about getting back to them now. :)
Arty, this piece is gorgeous. Beautiful colors, very well designed. No wonder it sold. I'm glad you told it sold. When I hear another artist has sold one or more, it gives me inspiration that maybe one day me too and I also start painting like never before. It's only positive thing to say among artists, I think. To non-artist friends .. I don't know how'd they feel.
Thanks muscatel. This one sold for half cash and half services to a lawyer in NY. I didn't sell it through the gallery, so I charged him my artist's percentage since he was willing to do this deal. Sometimes, I will sell for retail without the gallery, depending on the circumstances. My prices are all listed for retail regardless, so the guy felt he was getting a great deal, but so did I. He was $250 an hour and he helped me for way more than the amount I hired him for (half the amount of the painting). I was the one that got the better deal! Now it hangs prominently above his desk and I feel very fortunate.
Very nicely done. I must confess I love to hear any story behind a sale. It makes it more interesting I think.