The Call



11 x 14 inches ..oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Dec 30/22
Cool. She?'s drawing or reading? I would say drawing or painting give the title.

Wow you are productive. You're an inspiration Wayne.
Beautiful. I can't quite decide what she's doing, but it doesn't really matter. :) The pose, the surrounding palette - wonderful!
She's on the phone: 'what are we going to do with all the leftovers from yesterday's spread?'

Love the colours and the lighting.
Yes, I love the texture of copious, liberal paint.....i might probably get a negative against me for saying ...I think I see she's got her hands down her pants!!
Painting knife, I guess ?
I love this rough style, where very few essential details are really shown and you guess yourself the remaining details.
Thank you Classic
I use both but most of the final is knife. Allowing the viewer to finish the piece should make it more interesting to the viewer.
That's a relaxed pose and whatever she's doing she has a nice space to do it in! I like "the Spread" too and how you're using figures as part of your stories. Or maybe I should say that you're using figures so we can create our own stories.
Thank you Donna, ever so vigilant, ever so nice, to hear what the painting poses to the viewer. Yes, very correct to say our, as you, the viewer, are finishing the piece as you would like to see it. Makes it special if you like what it makes you see. :)
I just can't imagine a girl holding a phone in this day and time!😂😆 Very well done Wayne. ❤️