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Ain’t done much lately, but going through a lazy Saturday I felt like looking at stuff online which made me pick up the brushes and an old chipboard and do something useful. I like the result. I wasn’t sure what to call it. But there it is…. A sort of semi abstraction that hopefully conveys a certain mood. Acrylics it is.

I can't decide if it is a ship on the water, a multi-storied building, a castle on the hill, but it is very interesting and I like it. I especially like the hazy image in the background. ❤️ ❤️
I had the same thoughts as sno. Castle, ship, building. Surely something breaking apart? The morbidity of the artistic mind is readily on display when it comes to your work, that is, when interpreting it. I wonder if you have been exposed to the news of the rusty oil-laden ship currently breaking apart and spilling its bile off the coast of Sri Lanka...
A very striking and interesting piece, Nufocus !

The colors are strong and beautiful, as usual, and the hazy slightly distorted dark buildings in the background are nicely balanced by the lighter ambiguous foreground, IMHO. The bright blues in the sky keep the piece from being somber and lend energy to the already energetic scene.

What I ‘see’ in the painting, with no apologies.
Speaking from a broader overall total personal impression, I get the feeling that you might have been viewing “stuff online” that showed a ‘peaceful demonstration’ in one of our once proud cities where only 150 stores, homes, small businesses and public buildings were being burned and destroyed and the police, firefighters and first responders and other deplorables were being attacked.
The tilt of the buildings, and the appearance of a purple ruin of what could be a burned out church and reddish brown ‘smoke’ on the right, as it all appears to me, suggest that the foreground depicts the mob and confrontations.

It also could be a latter day version of the French Revolution.

A slightly different view is that the foreground shows a clear cut deforestation of the trees in a city park for the purposes of urban renewal.

Just my 2 cents

(cheerful, huh?)
Tremendous words. Trier, you’re a champ! Thanks so much everyone.
However, I got back to it today and decided to add a girl…. What would I do without them?!….
And she’s half naked…. Yes, she is.
So now, imho, there’s a sort of new meaning here: something along the line of the notion behind Munich’s Scream. The overwhelmed human when confronting the endless forces of nature. Hey, ain’t daring to compare myself to Munch…!….. just the idea.

"Partially naked woman suddenly emerged today, walking through what appeared to be a semi-abstract landscape. Painter was surprised, understandably, then delighted." 😁 I couldn't help riffing. I love this work.

Edit. If I were to be reincarnated, it would be as a fly on the wall of the various studios here.
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I like the addition of the figure but you painted out one of my favorite parts, the hazy blue ¿buildings? I still like it. :giggle: ❤️
This is a dream I have a lot where I forget to put my pants on. Glad you added the girl. Really great painting I like even more now.
Oh, such an interesting one. I immediately thought of older brick industrial buildings, but maybe that's because I live in an area full of old brick factories, mostly now converted to more modern uses. Maybe this shows one that still stands derelict. The addition of the half-naked girl is interesting, perhaps she's desperate and standing in a junkyard or simply mentally ill and confused.
Well now, that is something completely different, to coin a phrase.

You can't go wrong with the tasteful addition of a beautiful girl, semi-nude or not.
For me, it totally changes the motif from mankind wrestling with great societal issues and mass unrest to the very personal challenges individuals have in confronting the rest of the world. From the macro to the micro , but both desperate struggles.

However, I agree with sno, I miss those buildings.

BTW, I don't think you miss much of Munch !
Thinking about adding some sort of a beast somewhere…. A sort of man/gorilla….. I love that old theme of beauty and the beast!