I drew this a while back. He was me and my brother's dog growing up. Joe inspired me to post it with his dog drawing.

What a nice face !
They are definitely family, the best members. Lucky that you grew up with one. I remember my mother calling the SPCA when my cat had babies. Never saw her again.
I drew my pet too.
Here is Jack, has been with me for 9 years.
Artyczar, I'm glad you posted it, it's a very sweet drawing, it shows affection for what has been a wonderful companion.

in practice for half of my life or more, I had a dog in the family (a dog, for a short period also a cat, then last dog when I was born there was one, my first one who will have had a 5 or 6 months. terrace that had a fillet of earth cmq a good giant, half German shepherd perhaps, it was all brown,
(in the middle then one or 2 waiting for the house, one passing through, the other my second dog, when I was 15 or 16, from 14 to my 16 I think, a little dog who was loved as a puppy and I only knew this , a half-breed, he was sweet but the owner then maybe he couldn't keep it and gave it for a while to his brother who had a wonderful German shepherd but she was chained and the rest of the world was scared but therefore she was not violent and she was afraid and soon he showed that he was the sweetest dog in the world and that he was only shutting down out of fear, but I did not let him go through all this and if he had the fear of being abandoned he would cry and a year at the sea I could not take her with me, we went back to her every day , maybe a day or two I didn't and I found her dead, in short, the animals I had in my life were always much better than me) and I thought, actually I said I probably wouldn't have a new pet, actually would have liked to have a dog but I know keeping it in the best possible way this time, and I thought that in a few years I would try but in another place and in another way, having found my independence I thought (for this reason 2 years after the death of my dog I said no, it did not depend only on me who was also a host but did not insist that I thought I would not have been there but in reality then I would have been there, and therefore I said no to a dog, a wonderful dog once a fantastic person even if I wanted to say yes)
however at the moment I did not feel like having other animals and this is still true but my thought was 10/13 years ago and that in reality at the right time a new furry friend wanted us and with a nearby park or in any case to let him out sometimes and go out with him and a fairer care then,
and something I believed and thought this and I also knew that the dog I would like was a Czechoslovakian wolfdog or a bondercollie, I was and still am in love with these dogs, that I would have liked that, apart from that they are wonderful animals and with a wonderful character, for different reasons), there are a billion breeds and a billion mixed breed dogs, which are not purebred that I would have liked, but it was like a vision, infatuation.
excuse the chatter, summarizing beautiful drawing

and Desforges
, I find what you said beautiful and true and I really like your drawing.
From a Jack to a King is Wonderful,
But I lose hits, I only understood it by rereading it, but now it continues to make me laugh.
Thank you everyone. Jocelyne, don't worry about posting an image, I love your cat, Jack!

Joe, I commiserate with your story very much. I have had a couple of border collies in my life. Spunkie had a bad ending because of my parents, but we had him for about 10 years.

Hannah and I had Buddy for most of his whole life. We got him when he was two and he died at 14. What a great dog he was.


We also had an Australian Shepard while we had Buddy, Lula, but we couldn't keep her because they fought violently when we left them alone, even for a moment. We had to be around at all times in order to make them be civil toward one another.


We also had Little, and he was inherited from my parents after they died. He was pretty cute. He died at 11 from some kind of poison (we think) that caused liver failure, but my parents never took good care of him when they raised him. We only had him for two years.


Then, of course, our most recent dog was Gemma, and she died younger (at nine), eaten by a coyote last year. She was my little sweet friend that never left my side. :(

2014-09-20 11.45.38.jpg
thanks Artyczar.

What splendors.
all the photos show their sweetness, intelligence and beauty. sorry for unfortunate episodes.

my last dog had one brown and one blue eye.
perhaps among some of his ancestors there was a hascky.
Those blue/brown eyes are called merles. That's how their coloring is and it winds up in the eye color too, as well as their coats. Lula (the Aussie Shepard) was like that) So cool.
“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

Arty... you mentioned starting a board for our "fur babies". Perhaps now is the time?

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A favorite photo of our pups, Raphael & Pepper.


As far as a forum for dogs...I'll have to think about that one. I think it's nice when they just show up once and a while. ;)
It was intended as such. I just recognized a similar sitting pose and point of view... as well as facial markings and body. It's an image that resonates because I've seen it so much. The kids I teach love Rodrigue's Blue Dogs. They're weren't my favorite paintings... but they grew on me as a result of teaching them. They have an interesting history rooted in both the artist's childhood dog and a New Orleans Cajun folktale about a werewolf-like dog. And my little students made some great paintings based on them.