Spunkie in the Sky


I don't have the greatest picture of this because I took the picture of it after it was framed behind the glass like a dope. It sold so fast I, forgot to document it.

Spunkie in the Sky, watercolor and pencil, 23 x 30 inches.

Actually...it's been sold twice. Once, not to a dog lover. The guy was one of my biggest collectors for a while. Then he liquidated all his assets a couple years later when he went bankrupt. He wound up putting this and one other on eBay and I freaked out. I contacted all my collectors while it was up to purchase it asap and one of my other collectors (a married couple) got it for a bargain. They are dog lovers. I'm glad it went to a good home and it's not on eBay anymore. He put it up during my solo show at a big gallery when I asked him to please wait until the exhibition was over, but he wouldn't. I was scared it would impinge on the pricing of the newer work in my show if people saw these older pieces on eBay for less than half the price. Then the guy accused me of being a con artist and made some other strange accusations about how my art was worthless from the beginning (when he paid a lot more for it). This whole thing hit me horribly hard and my parents died shortly after. I'm glad the whole scenario is over. I obviously don't speak to him anymore.
That must have been a very hard time Arty. So sorry. Sometimes when a tree falls every limb hits you. :cry:
Thanks Sno. You don't know the half of it. This story with this guy got extremely complex. I actually wrote a book. Of course the book is not about him, but there's a chapter about this entire story because the book is structured with both my parents' deaths as bookends. The bigger story goes with the other painting he put on eBay. He bought a ton of art from me over the course of a year, but the other painting is a huge ordeal. I can post it somewhere on here. Not sure where though (what category).
Hi Arty,Your drawing entitled, To All The Dogs I've Loved Before, reminded me of a picture I accidently left behind when I moved house. . Excuse the quality. It was cropped from an image where it was inadvertantly captured.

Dog painting (1).jpg
Instead of reposting this, I'm just sending it to the top so ntl can see it in response to their latest post in the Oils Forum about their dog. ♥️
Arty, you're so kind. That's a lovely painting, and a Just Reward! I love it! Thanks for pushing it to the top.
lain, another wonderful piece with all kinds of dogs.
E.J.H. thanks for sharing Seimur, your loving friend.
Thank you EJH, joe, and ntl. I really appreciate it.

EJH: I absolutely LOVE that drawing of Seimur. What kind of doggie are they? ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thanks very much for all your nice comments!
Seimur is a working bordercollie, a bit unusual in that he has pricked ears. He is a trained stockdog, helps me round up the sheep in autumn. Great dog!
What is the story behind Spunkie (what a great name btw)?
Spunkie had a sadder story in the end. But he was the border collie I grew up with as a kid. He was destructive and my parents made us keep him outside after he kept tearing up shoes and the toilet paper rolls. Then he ate the screen doors. My brother and I loved him very much. We had to give him up a couple times, but he kept running away from his new homes and coming back to us. Ha ha, even from almost 40 miles away. We originally got him from the pound as a very young dog, almost a puppy still. I've had other border collies since who didn't chew things, probably because I was an adult and was able to spend more quality time with them.
I love your piece of Kría! It's really well done. ♥️

I don't mind at all. Bring it on. :)