Space Rabbit Ranch


Space Rabbit Ranch, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches. It's from a real place...but obviously it's my own version of it.

Very engaging! Interesting spaces created, and the colors all work to convince the spaces. Do you have to change the colors a lot to get them working so well, or can you grab them and go with it? Those violets!
Arty, love this painting! Amazing work! Composition is great, vibrant colors. Interesting to look at, my eyes are constantly moving and looking for curious new things in this painting. Sorry all my belated comments.
Thank you for your great comments Patrick and moscatel, and everyone. No worries on the timing moscatel. Patrick, to answer your question, the colors are always pretty distinctive. I have an idea beforehand with these landscape pieces in my head, but I'm playing as I go along. I do work with a reference photo I take beforehand though, then I improvise as I go.
Love this art especially the playful energy and underground paths. You inspire me to enjoy art .
CZart, that is once of the greatest compliments I could possibly get. Thank you! ❤
Moscatel said it for me . . . I also feel like I am looking at a Circus assembly/storage area where half-told stories are looking for their happy endings and reality has been partially fractured, sorta.
The WIP's are a hoot

Totally enjoyable!