Some Random Sculpture


2 eyes.
Don't worry...


IMG_6094 (1).jpg




How did...never mind.





So cool! I've seen some of these before in random places on the world wide web. The blue guys and the hands.
They are kewl! Makes you wonder where some of the ideas came from though.:giggle:
I like the last two sculptures, and the way the Jesus Rei image came out. Christ looks like he is going to take a "tumble," either that, or he is recreating the prow scene from the movie Titanic? I suspect the former. I mean, he does have form...
I've seen a picture of those hands somewhere else on the web, but I can't remember where or what context exactly, but it definitely was an art context.
Twenty-two years ago, I somehow found Hannah on a fluke in the Internet sea, but there weren't many people on the web at that time, so maybe it wasn't such a fluke.
I didn't get a computer and get on the net before 2005. I remember sweating as I switched it on. Bukowski was one of the first things I searched for. It took me years to find a poetry collection. 1994 Last Night of the Earth Poems, Kingston-Upon-Thames. My mate didn't make allowances for the roof rack on the work's van and got stuck in the entrance of the underground carpark. A line of cars had to back up before he could make an escape. Why am I recounting this...
Got my first computer in 1997, I mean online. Did not know much about it. I thought that there was another person with me in my bedroom. The first thing I did was to ask a question. Can not remember exactly but it went like « who are you? »
Probably ended up with a
suicide 🆘 , then was an EBay Queen for a while, selling stuff.
Later entered Bukowski to buy more books and got a partner from the Netherlands. Those days were grand!
My first searches were about Bukowski too, which was pretty much how I found Hannah. I had a computer since 1992 or 93, but didn't go online until 96.
I got my first computer in 1985, Cost $1300. in 1985 dollars. 512kb of memory -
You'd send something, then unplug the modem, plug in your phone and call you friend and ask him if he got it, rinse and repeat. To get an image into the computer I had a b&w surveillance camera and a rgb color wheel.
Great pics especially Christo in Rio seeing there's a total lack of space to photograph the whole thing.

I've been using a computer since birth, although some call it a brain and this one wasn't programmed very well.
First computer I had was an IBM With a few words on a black screen that took 40 pages of cobol language to produce. "Type in hours worked". "Type in rate". "Type in overtime". When I got windows 3.1 I kept wondering why it was instrucing me to look on my desktop!