Small Scratchboard


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I forgot where I stuck the other scratchboards so I'm just going to put this one in drawing. :giggle: It is only 6"X6" and was sort of a practice piece.
Wow! That's beautiful!

I am not familiar with scratch boards. I must research it. Anyhow, I love this completely!
Thank you Iain. I've posted several other scratchboards but I don't remember what forum I put them in. :giggle: You might like to get some small scratchboards and try it.
it's wonderful, really spectacular, the movement and the colors, it seems to be at sea, beautiful, you did everything in very little space, another magic, fantastic
Thank you Joe. One first does the scratching and then you can color with inks, watercolor or even colored pencil (with difficulty).
A practice piece? Jesus! This is majorly accomplished and fantastic sno. You should "practice" more often. I can do a search for where your other scratchboard are, but I think Drawing is most appropriate for this, IMO. In fact, I'll add "scratchboard" in the description for the forum. Maybe you posted it in Creativity forum.

I still have a couple of scratchboards that I have still never played with. Maybe I was scared to mess with them, but I like etching, linocut, and knife work, so it seems like it would lend itself to something I'd be into. I don't know why I haven't tried it. Intimidation.
I found them in Mixed Media. :giggle:
You should try scratchboard Arty. It should be quite similar to etching and linocut. You just have to think in reverse and bring out the lights.