Signs Of ____On The Road To _____.


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You fill in the blanks - -

This is really profound heavy duty social comment for me. . . .or maybe I was just PO'd by the way they weld bar codes on things where they screw up the use of the item nowadays.

10 x 14 ins acrylic/posterboard , with twist ties and old ID card collage. The small barcode sign is what set me off.

Okay, so its not Andy Warhol, but I'm not that talented or clever.
I get a hint of that edginess of the balloon landscape in the lines. I like the bold simplicity and colour.
I love the simplicity of it more than the message. The message doesn't matter much to me, but the aesthetics of it are wonderful.
Both the simplicity and the message come through. I also get POed when they put those stickers over the directions for use or other information about a product. Well done. (y)
Would love to run that one under a bar code reader! 🙂
Love that stain glass look where every shape and form fit together.
Well done!