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My art club decided to set up a web show because it's not really possible to organize a gallery show atm. The show gives possibilities to sales and collectors to see our work better than they would in artist's own web pages. I can only choose one painting to show.
Which one would you pick?

I was able to add numbering so it'd be easier to pick one. You can also write reasons why you picked one particularly. I know this is a difficult task with so many similar paintings next to each other. Choosing a painting to show is hard job and I tend to fail meaning I tend to pick wrong paintings to show. The deadline is 5. July.



Thanks for looking!
I prefer 2 and 6. 1 and 3 are too harsh for what I want to look at in comfort on my walls. The still lifes are not my cup of tea, but 6 is done exceptionally well. The pot, the coloring of each object, lighting, presentation, all is superior. In fact, 6 would be my recommendation to show. It's just superbly done. I could easily find a place for 6.
Personally, I love #2 the most, but I am partial to those sort of interesting landscapes. I'd also buy that one if I had the money. I really would.
As a "landscape person" I am torn between #1 & #2, but ntl is right about #6 and it's quality.
However, after further consideration, I myself would probably follow my heart and go with #2.

Good Luck with the show!

Sno & ntl, thank you :love::love: for selecting some from the group and also for your thoughts. It means a lot to me. This is interesting to read also because I learned so much about what others might see and prefer. Never looked at these paintings the way you both wrote about them.

Arty & Trier, thank you so much for your voting :love::love: and kind words. The number 2 is another plein air from Almeria, Spain: it's an agave valley but I called it 'agave forest' because when I was seated there while painting this plein air in between the huge size agave plants I felt like in a forest. It was quite an experience too because agave is not a plant I'm familiar with, it's more like exotic to me. When painting in front of me I had tall rainbow trees, blue volcanic mountains and turquoise sea. It was actually quite a mess to organize all that to a canvas and I first thought I wouldn't be able to make anything of it.

This gave me a lot to think. I still can't decide but this gave me great idea of which one to select and most likely I will pick one of those your chose.
I would definitely go with #1; I like the feeling of the trees as a family of actors on a stage, and I like the way the geometry of the picture lets my eye wander around but then brings it back to the larger trees.
Halifax, thank you for your vote. I like how you read the painting. Never thought this painting the way you describe it. Curious how one learns new approaches to see painting(s) from other artist's eyes., Thank you so much for picking your favorite. It means a lot to me.
I think the landscapes are your strongest works of the bunch. Of those, I particularly like #1 for it's peaceful feel. OTOH, your potential buyers might prefer something more energetic, which would mean #2. If you think the potential buyers might prefer still life, I'd go with #6 as others have suggested.

I know how agonizing these kinds of decisions can be, so best wishes with the selection and with the exhibit too!
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Since you can choose only one, if they were mine, I would still go with #1. That being said, going by my own experience in shows, if you are going for a sale, I would choose 4. It is not the one I would choose to buy from the whole selection but it seems to be what the public wants. They like the unusual shape and the subject. It looks more like craft than art and that seems to be what people want. Those are just my thoughts. :giggle:
they are all beautiful and well made, (I could afford to choose between these, which work of art I would like to have I would think about it for a few days or a year ... for now I have narrowed to 5.)
I agree that it is not easy to choose only one.

for the particularity of the subjects I was struck on the 7th but of the still lifes I was even more impressed by the 6. wonder.
I liked the landscapes just as much so having to choose only one I can't choose among the first 2. in reality I can't say what is most popular, I don't know if my thinking is correct, but I think of the landscapes.
in summary I would choose one of the first two, to choose a landscape.
also on my part best wishes with the selection and with the exhibit too