Shiva titanium white. Is this normal?


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In the past the only real negative side to shiva paints I can remember is the large mouth on the tubes.
Earlier this year I picked up a 150ml tube of shiva titanium white. It was a few bucks cheaper and the larger mouth isn't a problem with the white.
This tube of paint is a mess… Its fine to use but the paint itself is very oily. I end up with a puddle of liquid around the paint on my pallet every time I use it and it leaks out around the cap on the tube. Not only that but the tube quickly developed a pin hole near the bottom which leaks paint.
The only other new tube of shiva I have is a 37mm tube of marble white which I have no problem with.
Is this normal for shive paints now or at least for their titanium white? or did I just get unlucky with this tube?
I had a Shiva White paint at one time, a long time ago. As I recall, it was quite oily, and rather yellowish.
I think the oiliness is rather common for Shiva paints. Many other paints have the same characteristic, and I just let the oil come out with the pigment as I squeeze the paint out of its tube onto my palette. I just allow it to "puddle", and I use it as my painting "medium", until the puddle has been used up. I take little bits of that oil, and mix it with my paint as I work. Since it is quite clear, I freely mix it with other colors as well,
I'm guessing its normal for the oilier paints to leak more?