She & She revisited



I have this habit of revisiting my pieces and, I’m not sure why, I almost always find it necessary to make changes….
So, there we go, I posted this one recently and took another look at it, made a few changes and put it back in its frame.

A clown (how else??…..) was added to balance the composition and the houses and greenery and the sky are different now, again in order to feel better about the composition (and maybe balancing the colors too).
I don't remember the background in the other version but I like this and also the addition of the clown. He looks like he was photo-bombing. :giggle:
The yellows stand out more I think, and the clown makes it a lot more quirky, which I always love. ♥️

I rarely revise, but I have done it a few times. You have inspired me to do it recently and I was glad for it. :)
Susan, yes ME have a clown! …. You know that I always appreciate what you say!
The other comments are spot on, Nufocus, and I can only second them.

That clown was a great addition, and I love the yellow house & dress/blue sky contrast.

However, FWIW, as a very minor item that probably appears only to me, I feel that the area between the heads of the two Shes doesn't quite fit in or match the finish of the rest of the background, even allowing that the 'hat' She has big pendant earrings.
As I said in all honesty, FWIW.