Sewing Break

Queen Bee

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5"x7" acrylic on acrylic paper
Sewing Break Ginger.jpg _ Deborah _ Flickr_files.jpg
Really engaging! I love the perspective, handling of paint, and color. The loose approach and values of the blue background cloth has an abstract quality that works well. 👍🏼👍🏼
I'm loving your ribbon and lace, Deborah! Your blues are lovely. The whole painting is very sweet. Nice work! ❤ thought on reading the title was taking a break from something else --painting, perhaps--to sew!
Your piece is so delicate, so dainty. Well done!
I really love this. I'm a stitcher too so I like the subject, and it's a really great painting - I like the shapes, the colours and the textures. I don't know which is my favourite part, it's between the cup/saucer and the lace (or crochet?) trim. Really terrific work.