Self Portrait


Ntl inspired me to post this. It's an old clay sculpture I made of myself for's really small about two, three inches tall and I don't have the greatest pictures of it. I never laughed so hard making something in my life--all the way through the process, I kept stopping and looking at it and cracking up! I was giddy, I tell you. It comes with a hand crocheted scarf. I'll have to find it and take a better picture of it.



I wore this sweater all the time too.
This is cute!!
Arty, you don't need a maid to wipe dust away. Dust on tabletops and objects give a valuable layer for models, when/if you set up a still life and you paint from life you can use scumbling by adding the final layer of fine oil paint to objects. I warn everyone not to remove dust away. We have beautiful dust layers on every object I'm about to paint. Sometimes my cat's tail wipes some of. lol
Oh wow, that is hilarious, and I mean that in the most positive way, it makes you smile just looking at it!
I must say, it makes me a bit curious about how you look Arty...
I'm not a redhead, but that embroidery thread was the closest thing I was able to find to brown at the time. I may of had some red highlights then too. It is more or less the way I see myself. :LOL: