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10 practice minute drawings, charcoal pencil and a bit of chalk on newsprint. Done today. C&C welcomed

2020-07-05 16.32.47.jpg

2020-07-05 16.34.52.jpg

Oh, no, Sno! THAT'S "la piece de resistance"
I'm resisting doing it for any number of reasons!
It was in the other room
I ran out of space on those papers
I didn't go to that room yet
I want to move it to a larger room so I can see it all
(I could just draw the arm rest)
I have to learn to draw ellipses first
:) :D :)
I love these sketches. I also love chairs. I have the Taschen book by Michae Ochs- "1000 Chairs" For a designer the chair is a right of passage - their signature.
Yes, wheelchairs often get left out, but I'm glad you're planning on one! :) I've done a number of sketches of them, and paintings, as well as one with canes and walkers. (Those are a lot easier - :ROFLMAO: )

I love your chairs!
Bongo, thanks! Those are some nifty chairs!

Arty, Thanks for commenting!

Katie, there's sure a lot of curves and angles...they do get confusing. :)

Joe1, thanks to you, too!
Artyczar, Thanks! Still working on speed as well as reasonable likeness. The wheelchair and the throne took the most time.
Interesting that a "seat" could provide challenges: perspective, lines, details, actual shape, foreshortening...
Didn't realize you had added more. These are great. Love the throne, we all have sat there. ;)(y)