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Another charcoal attempt. This is 5 1/2x 11" on watercolor paper.
Never did a seascape before but I stumbled through it.
Not sure if I like the composition.
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That is really nice Perry .. I like the composition but I think you could do more using less values
There are a couple of nice paintings hiding in that comp. 3 or 4 values would work. The left I bottom I find dark and the curl on the big second wave could be more light with a little light reflected in the first cap
Thanks Wayne I see what you mean about value.
I agree that the lower left is too dark and it is angling
up to the left which I don't like.
There is no first wave.....that is a big rock that the water is spilling over.
(I guess I missed the mark on that one :unsure:)
Thanks for looking and critiquing.
Sorry I saw the values in the color of the ocean .. a rock would be that dark and the red would augment the green .. it's good but I think with lesser values to deal with you could get more light. Not to say that would be better but that's how I think. That old saying .. too many cooks ..
I’ve never done a seascape either, Perry, and think you did a pretty good job! The waves look like they’re in motion which is a huge plus.
Thanks Donna. Here's my reference photo.
At first I put in all those smaller rocks and it looked terrible.
So I winged it and added one large rock but I don't think it's
very convincing. I'm going to play with it a little more and see what happens.

Nice work Perry. I especially like the wave cresting. Good job on the foam.

You did a good job drawing the water flowing over the rock in the foreground but it was a little confusing compositionally. The water seemed to be dropping after going over the rock which didn't make sense for a coast line.
Thanks ams......what you are saying makes sense for a coastline.
I think the top half is OK........the bottom half isn't.
I might start from scratch instead of correcting this one.
I admire anyone who can sketch or paint waters such as this. An incredible photo ref to use and a difficult motion to capture.
I don't agree about what Wayne says about the values. I think it's tonally excellent and the composition is very good. It's perfectly imperfect/off-centered. It brings the eye across naturally the whole piece without moving in too many places. It's definitely a beautiful piece with many bells and whistles. Look at it again with fresh eyes and you'll see how well it's working.
Thanks for commenting KreativeK
Artyzar......Last night in bed I was tossing and turning trying to figure
out why I was having such a hard time with this drawing
(obsessive behavior). I think it is because my mind is geared to landscapes.
With landscapes,and even still life, you have more freedom to move things,
add a bush here, a tree there, put a hill over there etc.. With this seascape
I am felling restricted......I got water and with it.
If I ignore the subject matter in this drawing I can see that the composition
is OK. I would like more vertical action in this comp but not sure
yet if I can achieve that.....maybe with rocks.
Thanks for your input and I'll keep on plugging along.
Perry, I can totally understand the thing about the freedom. There's way more in a landscape than a seascape, but you can use more of your imagination suppose. However, I think this is so good, you need not do anything more. ♥️