Seascape yet again


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Hi. This is an ATC of the seascape scene again. Watercolours on 300gm paper, 2.5x3.5 inches. Was really just seeing how thus would work. It's interesting, as even tho I need to relearn handling washes and less brushwork.... I can see my pastel style here. The small brush allows detail the pastels don't. Bonus, it doesn't smudge. Sure I have always loved WC, but I'm still addicted to pastels. I've also got find new subjects....
You don't have to find a new subject on my account - I think all your renditions of this hillside are gorgeous. ;) It has different moods with the weather and seasons, and you capture all of them well.

This is a nifty little card, lots of texture showing from the watercolor, I'm guessing. Love how well you got those tiny trees in there! Great job on the sky, too. Lovely work!
I'm with Terri on this tip. You can do this subject all day, over and over: watercolor or pastels and I'd be smiling ear to ear. ♥️

LOVE this one so much!