Roses .. The Finalist



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. painted Mar 31/24


a close up of the top viewer left rose ..
Now here's a gray that isn't fooling around. :LOL: These shades of rose for your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. My favorite dusty kind of rose. I love that water line, and those pale greens.

A real beauty! ❤️ I appreciate the closeup, too.

(Side note: the main photo seems a little dark, like it was taken on an overcast day. You mentioned all the rain you've been getting, so I'm attributing it to that.)
Wow, the illusion of petals overlapping each other in the close-up is amazing! The petals and leaves kind of shimmer as they differentiate themselves from the background and the vase is a light-reflecting beauty of its own.
Thank you Donna .. it's wild what your eyes will do to contrive a picture for you. :) This is where I want to be but I slip and slide.
Pretty, I had my screen dimmed and couldn't hardly see it at first. Like the texture and reds.
Just a brilliant painting! I love the dusky colors, reminds me of a Victorian painting. ❤️ ❤️
I was going to say what sno said about it seeming like a Victorian painting because of those dusky pinks. It's a stand-out piece, this. ♥️