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Since I've already confessed in the oil-pastels-thread, that my One influence had been Egon Schiele, when I experienced his work in an exhibition at age 19 and then, right at that very afternoon, immediately stopped to try to draw human anatomy as it appears to the eye, adopting the idea of crippled and crackled and cracked lines to express the damaged inner self - I've decided to show you some of this early work as it happened then.

Here comes one of my very first drawings right after the Schiele-experience [aet19]:


made Sunday, January 14th, 1990 [as you can read on the paper itself].
Not yet developed, of course.

The next is just an excerpt from my diaries [date: Sunday, Dec 6, 1992 (aet 22)] to deliver how I continued that sort of style even in my private context:


And finally for tonight: A much later drawing documenting my lack of any developement (and no feel for the need of it) from 2008.
The unclean background-colour is because I've simply used an envelope from the mail.


Hope some of you may enjoy that stuff a little.

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I like them, too! They've already had an influence on my practicing, so on my work over all. I've been wanting to get "looser", your works are great examples!
... had an influence on my practicing, so on my work over all. ...
Wow! Thank you.
What else can I say, than that I'm amazed and pleased and feel honored?

I know what:
If my slightest contribution I can make for the arts is to inspire and encourage others - that's even more than I'd expected and makes me fuckin' proud like being a sort of Mr. Keating, which is the best thing one can be.