Rocks Of Nfld



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives .. a look somewhere along the 90 mile road leading to Burgeo ..
Rocks make the best subjects - nature's sculpture on display. You did a great job with these!
Thank you Donna .. I was happy with the way I expressed them. As You can see it's an expressionistic impression of a realistic view.
I like your impression of the rocks Wayne........It's better that the real thing.
The rocks are so crisp and sharp - love them. Fascinating to see the photo you worked from as well.
Thank you Perry. I love random splashing to get texture in rocks and then accenting a few notes here and there for special effects.

Thanks Zen. Yes there are many probabilities in rock formations.

Thanks Cindy. I'm impressionable.

Thanks Kay. Rocks hold stories.

Thanks Susan. Even though they sometimes look hap hazard they are placed with purpose.