Rock Bottom


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This is from my imagination, from source photos of trout and rocks and assembled with an attempt at an actual composition.

This is soooo cool! I can see these fish moving and their tails swishing around. It's got gorgeous color. Wow! ♥️
color is great .. the fish swim and take me one direction but there is no coming back
Great job! I love the colors of your rocks, and especially of the fish. Picture perfect! The way you deliberately cut off some of the fish adds to the sense of movement in this painting, like the viewer is waiting to see them emerge into the scene. Wonderful.
I love this. I think it works really well how you've painted the rocks with soft colours/edges, and given the fish more definition and deeper colours. It gives the piece plenty of depth. Great work. :)
This is good, no, great. ❤️ I painted one too a couple of years ago. I'll post it in its own thread. :giggle:
Wow, this is awesome, the texture of the stones, the fishes, everything is perfect.
I have also a trout painting, but it is not as good as this one. When I find it I will also post it.
A most excellent exciting painting! The color of the fish is outstanding while the colors of the rocks are soft and gentle.