Rhys's Hair Emporium

Dave Woody

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Did this for one of my cousin's boys, Rhys Gilbert, fictitious depiction
of him outside his own shop. ( see how the list of services cleverly spell his name)...
.......I mailed it to him and he replied 3 months later that he had received the pic only
because I slapped a text on him asking if he'd received it.....

It might be decomposing in landfill ... had fun making it, this is the first online posting of it.
..I got the distinct impression that he didn't 'get' it....?

It is more likely stuffed in a corner or just with the junk under his bed.
I am sure it will resurface a few years from now and they will go '.......Ahhhhh, remember this?
I never noticed that he named you in the list, top to bottom, first letter of each service provided'.
'What a great pavement too....'!