Radiant Colors Update


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My radiant (and vibrant) colors arrived - but I have covid now - so limited in what I can do until that passes. But here is my preliminary take.

First - there is no special sauce. And a careful reading of the sheet on Gamblins site, and the pigments listed on the tube will confirm that. They are pure organic tube colors mixed with white. You can absolutely mix the exact same colors.

Second - having said that does not mean they aren't useful and arguably worth the money, and depending on your painting needs could be extremely useful. I have no doubt that I will be re-buying a couple of the colors in the future, even though as I said I could mix them myself.

I could see especially when used as modifiers how not only how much more convenient they are but CONSISTENT. Most are single pigment plus white, but some are two, three colors plus white.

So - I don't regret buying them, I will use all of them up over time, and I will be re-buying a few of them
As I said I have covid, but did a quick 5"x5" sketch to get a feel for them. This is only radiant colors, plus burnt umber and t.white.

this Radiant Violet, on the top - Diox.Purple plus t.white on the bottom

this is Radiant violet mixed with cad yellow on top, - Diox Purple, cad. yellow t.white on the bottom

Only had turquoise and magenta in the Utrek "vibrant" line to compare with the Gamblin. The pigments used are the same in both brands. The turquoise is a mix of Ph.blue/Ph.green/t.white. The Utrek mix is closer to turquoise to my eye, the Gamblin leaning a bit more blue. The magentas are made from Quinacridone Red/t.white. The Utrek has a bit more of the Q.red in the mix.

Both brands are high quality with the same consistency.
Thanks for the update and the photos, Bongo. It’s good to know that most colors can be mixed instead of having to buy a bunch more tubes. You got some good skin tones in your study! I hope you’re done with the darn virus soon.
Hi Bongo,
I use and love the radiant colors from Gamblin. Even though it is technically possible to mix them, it is unlikely to get such pure mixtures during the painting process. Right out of the tube, they are reliable.
I also think that they have a nice consistency to them. They are the only colors that I use from Gamblin, besides cadmium orange light.
I agree. I bought them on a lark, but now use them all the time. You may only need r, b, y + white to make "all" the colors. But do you want to mix, or do you want to paint. Especially with plein air.

What do you think about Gamblin's Underpainting White. That now is the only white I use, I don't have Titanium White on my palette.
My paintings dry sooo much faster.