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charcoal on tablet paper, 5 x 6"
Jan 28, 2021 today's offering C&C welcome, thanks for looking!

Sorry for the blurriness, I'll work to do better.
Sno, Nufocus, thanks!
Arty, you, too.
I woke up at 2:30AM, so got up at 3 and worked on him. Photo taken about 6AM. Not an excuse...
wonferful. I like very much. for the photo, lately I'm making them less blurry using genius scan, free app (at least the basic one which is the one I use), I don't know if you use the phone too. in case with this free app I also photograph the background, that is. not only the sheet, but it starts on the right, left, top and bottom, I photograph the sheet from a distance and then I crop it with the app, it adjusts the perspective but sometimes it prevents me from blurring, because it focuses on him, moving the phone away, lifting it while I try to stay still puts it in focus, cutting out the edges of the sheet, or of the sheet plus part of the background. that is, I always tried to take only the sheet, but in general it is perhaps easier to try to take also external. regardless of app, even if I don't know if this is actually the case, I say as an impression
Joe, thanks, and for the suggestion, too. I'm getting a new-to-me phone/camera soon, maybe that'll help. :oops:
yes, yes, with the new phone they will come very well on their own.
In the summer I replaced mine that had broken and it is much easier to do them, I already used the program with the old one but now it is easier and they are better. even without the program.
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charcoal pencil on tablet paper. Image is about 4 x 5"
For those who need a laugh. Or encouragement.
Just finished it. The camera sure shows areas to work on...
Decided to post it anyway. Thanks for looking!

I think you are doing quite well on these. Better than your camera is. ;)
Wow! This is GREAT ntl! It's very skilled and captures a lot of personality and style. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Snoball, Arty, thanks. Your words are very encouraging.
The other camera was to arrive over the weekend, but a storm did, instead.