Portrait of a country church



Acrylics on canvas with touches of oil pastels.
Hey Nufocus - I don't know if this is a new work, or from the past being that it is a landscape, since you have been posting great portraits of people that apparently have been recently done.

Whatever, it is a good one and has the strong presence that you usually give.

Just for the heck of it, I wondered how it would take to a Soutine approach. I may be being sacrilegious here ! ha ha
Lovely. We have a few of those still standing. A lot have been converted into homes.
Lovely! I always enjoy your use of colour. I really like that tree on the left. :)
Beautiful. ❤️ So quiet and simple. I agree with Kay about the tree on the left: perfect touch!
Love these small, usually white country chapels tucked away in the country. A beautiful rendition!