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Some pointillism done with ink, colored ink and one in pencil.

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the leaf is amazing (wonderful colors and the subject in autumn is perfect and it is still one of the most beautiful things in nature I think, red leaves are beautiful, yours is even more beautiful and has more shades, colors, poetry) and the others I still love them.
all extraordinary.
Thanks Joe. Leaves are changing here right now but it has been raining for the past 2 days and a lot of them have fallen.
understood, thank , I had never noticed leaves at a time when they have such a particular color transition. but in one of the two phases or,
perhaps also because I usually see different leaves that tend to yellow or brown when dry.

I think I think of red leaves as something almost magical for an expanse, like a passage with to the right and left an expanse of beautiful leaves to cross that I saw or I thought of seeing as a child and in any case they remained in my mind and nothing I always find beautiful and this design is gorgeous and it really makes them even more beautiful for me. , magical.
Sno--insanely amazing! Really neat stuff and I have no words (again) for how talented you are. Absolutely beautiful work.

Somehow, the weather changed virtually overnight here. It was almost hot last week and now the temp dropped to 38 with high winds, making it colder. And the leaves are all over the place.
Same here Arty. A few days ago it was 86° and today it is a high of mid 30s. It has rained steady for the last two days. Miserable weather but we did need the rain.
The leaf is glowing, th he rose is beautiful, the tree is amazing, the likeness remarkable. Ok so what cant you do, Sno?:D
Why should you? You are far too talented to think about the mundane aspects of life - I have about half your talent ( on a good day) and tidying is never at the forefront of my mind:D That leaf is spectacular
Thank you Lyn and don't put yourself down. I love your work. Just because we work in different styles doesn't mean one is a bit better than the other.